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I and my husband run our kennel at home. We have four dogs. We decided to name our kennel ”Dancing Yorkie”, as we love dancing in all its forms, folkdance, historical dance, and modern couple dances.

Our dogs are simply amazing, each of them being a unique jewel!  We got our first dog 5 year ago, and from that moment on, the interest in dogs and the breed grew. We have read lots of books, been on courses, dog shows, and currently take an active part in social networks connected to the breed – both internationally and in Sweden.

We started our work with the breed Yorkshire terrier, but expanded our interest and got a Biewer terrier as well, all our dogs get along superbly. All our dogs are imported accordingly to the Swedish laws and guidelines. Our goal is to widen the gene pool to avoid inbreeding and diseases within the race. All our dogs have been carefully chosen from the best breeders in Russia, but some of the dogs have ancestors in other countries, such as France and Germany. None of our dogs have grown-up in a cage and we ourselves run the kennel in our home, which results in dogs with a great temperament.

I, Irina, have completed a course in breeding given by SKK (Swedish Kennel Club) in autumn 2019. I have also participated in numeral “show dog” courses given by Mikael Nilsson in Elsöv, Sweden.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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