Yorkshire terrier is a breed of miniature terriers, with a weight limit up to approximately 3,2 kilos and height of approximately 18-22 cm.  The expected life lifespan is 13-16 years.

The breed of Yorkshire terrier was bred in 1850-century, in the same area as the Airedale terrier – in Yorkshire wool district. Therefore, some similarities with other north English terrier breeds, such as Skye- and Manchester terrier can be observed in some Yorkshire terriers. The breed name was accepted and established in 1870.

The Yorkshire terriers are beautiful, energetic, intelligent, alert and fearless dogs. They are curious by nature and want to be a part of any adventure. Like any dogs, the Yorkshire terriers need training to be well. Yorkshire terriers can easily bond to both children and adults. But because of the breeds small size it is not advisable to have a Yorkshire terrier in families with toddlers or very young children, as if not supervised, the dog might get mistreated and hurt.

Yorkshire terriers coat is very similar to human hair and they do not have any undercoat. This makes the breed safe for these with allergies. The risk of being allergic to or developing an allergy to this dog breed is minimal.

In world war 2, the legendary Yorkshire terrier Smoky and his master William A. Wynne took part in battles arounds the Pacific Ocean. The brave York Smoky, saved many soldiers’ lives and got awarded with several medals for his bravery. Smoky died at the age of 14. In the United States of America there are several monuments dedicated to the memory of Yorkshire terrier Smoky.


Biewer terrier

”Born to love and be loved”

Biewer terrier is an elegant three-colored miniature terrier with a weight of approximately 1,8-3,6 kg and height of 18-28 cm. The expected lifespan is around 15 years.

Biewer terriers have straight, airy, flowing coat, with a soft, silky structure and a unique color. This breed does not have an undercoat, which makes it safe for people with allergies.

The breed of Biewer Terrier has existed for around 40 years and is a result of active breeder work. The origin of the breed is a recessive gene found in Yorkshire terriers, which was activated through breeding and gave the Biewer terriers their signature white coat. The breeders work was presented in 1989 and the new decorative dog breed got the name Biewer terrier, which is the family name of the German breeder working with the race. This breed is approved by many kennel clubs around the globe, in Sweden it was approved in 2018. The breed is yet to be approved by FCI.

Biewer terriers are small, beautiful, decorative, elegant, cuddly, playful, affectionate, happy, smart and have a mild temperament. Biewer terriers like to be in the center of attention. This dog breed is well suited to live along with other pets, such as cats, birds, or hamsters. They will not cause any problems!

This dog breed is suitable for any type of owners, young or senior. It is not recommended to have a Biewer terrier in families with toddlers or small children, as the dog is small and can get hurt if not supervised.

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